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01 March 2012 @ 12:00 pm
What you Got Coming  
Title: What You Got Coming.
Characters Zhou Mi, Donghae
Pairings: None
Rating: R 
Warnings: Death
Summary: He'd Give him what he deserved.

You back away fearfully, oh my god, oh my god oh my god. The screaming and spitting creature in front of you couldn’t be Zhou Mi. No way. Nowaynowaynoway. 
God why. What have you done wrong? Did you do something wrong? In this life? A past life? Maybe in the future even?
 You always tried to be a good a person, cheer up others, be loving in kind. But Zhou me was after You now. Why? 
You break into a run. Get away. Tell someone. Gotta get help. This isn’t good. No good.
Getting closer, gotta run. Cell phone?  No no!! Its gone gone, and now what? 
Dead End. Turn around, maybe you can escape? No!! He’s there!!. Back away Back away. And the wall thuds against your back. Now where to go. You’re stuck.
“Donghai, you bastard.”
“Mimi, What did I do?”
A Feral growl. “ Don’t Call ME MIMI. God I’m Fucking sick of you and your smile, your fans, your EVERYTHING!!!!”
A Slap whips your head to the side but before you can fall, Hands grab by you by the hair, it hurts hurthurthurthurts. 
“Why Donghai?” A Deadly whisper. “I’m better than you.  I can sing better. I’m fluent in both mandarin and Korean. Unlike you. I’m more handsome, taller, and just all around greater than you. So Why?”
Spittle flies on to your face. “Why Does Everyone love you?”
You are dropped to the ground, concrete scraping against your skin, and you try to make a run for it. But it doesn’t happen. A Kick to the ribs leaves you in a haze of pain, and before you know it a boot is on your throat.
“I Hate You Donghae.”
Wheeze, cant breathe no air. It huuuuuurts.
“You Deserve to Die. But everyone else is blinded to the fact. “
Blackening vision, fading sound, faltering heart ,no breath.
A Final Whisper. 
“Goodbye Donghai~”
“Zhou Mi, do you know why you are under arrest?”
“Yes officer.”
“Why is that?”
A Cheerful Giggle. 
“Because I Killed Li Donghai.”