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23 January 2012 @ 03:19 pm
Pairing: None
Characters: Donghae-centric
Summary: Those old shoes just wouldn't leave his mind lately.

It was one of those moments, a conundrum, where all you could think was “Well, What do I do now?”. They were shoes. Old, dirty and brownish-white, the soles peeling away. He had long since outgrown, and quit wearing, them. They had lain, hidden at the back of his closet, mementos of the past trailing after him from dorm room to dorm room.

He picked them up. soft, brunette locks fell into his warm brown eyes, and he reach up to brush them away a wistful smile crossed his face.

He Still remembered the Birthday his father had give these to him. He had begged and pleaded, after he had caught sight of them in the store they passed everyday on the way to school. God how he had loved them, jumping up to embrace his father as soon as he had opened them.

And He had kept them for a long time, long past the time most would have thrown them out. But they reminded him of home, a rare thing in the big city of seoul, a connection to his beloved father. So they stayed.

Finally he began to feel comfortable in Seoul, with his group mates, and label mates. And the thought crossed his mind… “Maybe its time to throw them out.” and he was close, so close, when the unthinkable happened.

His father, his father, Passed away from illness. And then those shoes were much more than a connection to the home he had left, but a tangible memory of the incredible man who had raised him, loved, watched out for him. and there was  no way he could let them go, because losing them meant losing what little he had left.

Over time, several passing years, the ache had grown less, not disappearing, for there would always be that twinge of longing when he thought about his father. But now he could remember the good times and smile, rather than dwelling on all the what ifs.

He found he could lean on his band mates, his brothers, his family, and his heart grew to accommodate all the love he had for his friends, surrounding the memory of his father, and developing it in happy times, to compliment the happy childhood of memories left behind.

Finally, Finally, he was ready. He looked up and smiled at his father’s evanescent figure, and gently set the shoes in the trash. It almost physically hurt to let go of them, but he knew, he knew, that what mattered about his father, was not the things he had given him, but the feeling and memories in his own heart, and the young boy who was shaped and molded into a strong young man by his father’s loving hands.

I've been absent a long time ne? This came to me and i decided to post it ^^

Also, please request or fill a request over at  asian_requests

Thank you for reading ^^