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21 August 2011 @ 10:34 pm
untitled fic  
Pairings: Onesided HanHae, Implied HanChul,  Ninja!HaeMi
Rating: G for now
Summary: Donghae wants Han Geng, but Han Geng has Heechul. Donghae is willing to do whatever it take to get him, but Donghae never expected that 'whatever it took' came with another Heart that was set on him.

Donghae sighs and rests his chin in one hand, eyes focused on the couple that was visible through the kitchen doorway. He chews at his lip.

Its not fair!

His eyebrows furrow and he sinks down to rest his head on his arms that fold on the kitchen table. He blows a hair out of his eyes and unhappily eyes Han Geng and Heechul, the two men sitting on the couch. Too close. Almost touching.

It wasn't fair! He liked Heechul hyung but it wasnt fair! Why did Han Geng spend so much time with the other man? Donghae loved Han Geng as much as Heechul did, if not more, so why didn't Han Geng hyung want to spend time with him? Why Heechul hyung?

Donghae stands from the table. Maybe...

He wanders into the living area of the dorm and and sits down on the arm of the couch.

"Heechul Hyung! Han Geng Hyung!"

The two turn to him. Han Geng smiles softly, and Donghae feels his heart flutter. "Yes Hae?"

Oh crap. Now what?

"Umm... Hyung, could you maybe help me practice my Mandarin?"

Heechul glances at Han Geng and raises an eyebrow. The other man catches sight of it and smiles apologetically at Donghae.

"Maybe later?" He trails off.

Disappointment slightly infused with anger swirls through Donghae, although he keeps his expression happy. OF course. He sends a smile at Han Geng.

"Its fine hyung. Thanks anyway."

Donghae stands and walks back towards his room, but as he goes through the doorway, he’s startled by a hand on his shoulder. He turns quickly to face whoever it was that was behind him.

Zhou Mi smiles at him. Donghae, once he catches his breath, geez, smiles back at him.

“Donghai, I can help you with your Mandarin if you want?”

Donghae’s gaze flickers back towards Han Geng before he returns it to Zhou Mi’s smiling face. It’s not the time with Han Geng that he had wanted, but maybe improving his Madarin will help him get closer to his hyung. There was no way it could hurt in any case, although he never really made it  a habit to hang out with Zhou Mi.

“That would be great, Zhou Mi.”


Donghae and Zhou Mi enter Zhou Mi’s room to find Kyuhyun lounging on the bed, laptop in his lap. Donghae lets out a chuckle, causing Kyuhyun to raise is head.

“What’s so funny hyung?”

“You, Kyu. You’d think this was your room, how often you’re in here.”

“Well, what are you doing in here?”

Zhou Mi interjects. “I offered to help him with his Mandarin, Kui Xian.”

Kyuhyun face is mildly surprised before he smirks. “Oh did you now, just out of the goodness of your heart, eh Mimi?”

Zhou Mi flushes.

Donghae watches in fascination, the dynamic between the two.

“Well, I’ll let you two work then.” Kyuhyun shuts the laptop and stands from the bed after stretching slightly.

Donghae starts. “You don’t have to leave Kyu! We’re just practicing, and honestly, you are better at Madarin than I am, so maybe you could help out too?”

Kyuhyun glances at Zhou Mi who has disappointment flash across his face for the barest second before he nods. Kyuhyun sighs and sits back down.

Zhou mi pulls the chair over form his desk and settles into it backwards, crossing his arms on the back of the chair. He gestures at the bed with his head.

“Donghae, sit and we’ll get started”
Written as the first part of a collaboration with summer0smiles .

Its your turn bb. fighting!
summer0smilessummer0smiles on August 22nd, 2011 03:31 am (UTC)
*takes baton* here we go!
This is interesting~ :)
paradigm_twistparadigm_twist on August 22nd, 2011 03:21 pm (UTC)
Interest is definitely piqued! Looking forward to seeing what happens next~

Thanks for sharing! :)
melodyprower11melodyprower11 on August 22nd, 2011 03:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks~ Next part will be posted on Summer's Journal and mostly likely in Miracle as well, So keep and eye out for it ^^
FollowUrDestiny: hanhaefollowurdestiny on August 22nd, 2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
Intrigued, will be waiting for more! :D ♥
melodyprower11melodyprower11 on August 22nd, 2011 11:56 pm (UTC)
check with summer for the next bit, I believe she'll post it on her own journal ^^ Thanks for reading ^^
catherine_leitecatherine_leite on August 29th, 2011 05:21 am (UTC)
it's.... interesting.
gonna wait for the rest...
move on~~~~ *swoosh*